SEDCB ‘B’ League East Group vs SOSEMT u13 (Away)

SOSEMT 136 for 0
Rayleigh 84 for 9
SOSEMT won by 52 runs.

Team: Chris M, David C, Nathan B*, George C, Charlie W, James H, Ben L†, Ben C, Matthew A, Ben E, Neil K.

On the ground that Australia scored 721 in one day and Don Bradman scored 187 runs in just over two hours we played SOSEMT on a sunny Independence Day. Nathan was captain, won the toss and decided to field first.

After some confusion because the team sheet I’d supplied bore little resemblance to the players that actually turned up (Mike Sullivan has a lot to do trying to run 3 youth teams and co-ordinate the Colts’ coaching across the club) Nathan worked out his bowling attack over by over and the game started. SOSEMT had the knack of leaving the wide balls and hitting the closer ones for 4. All the bowlers suffered to an extent although Neil K, Charlie W and David C all turned in better than average figures. Unfortunately we were unable to take any wickets.

At half time the feeling was fair: 136 was just over a run a ball and we had some good batters. However losing two of them in the first over and 2 of the top 3 for nought meant we were behind the rate almost from the off. There was some good, aggressive (sometimes suicidal) running between the wickets which put SOSEMT under pressure and generally we got away with it. The only person run out was Ben L who was injured by a full toss, returned after running repairs and wasn’t quick enough for the single he called. Generally SOSEMT bowled faster than we did getting through several players defences with all the rest of our bats clean bowled.

Another loss but another improved performance. Although not as good as the Australians in 1948.