The Nineties

RCC First XI 1994 : Willie Leadbeater, Paul Dudmish, Richard Sabatini, Jim Repper, Ian Newman, John Wright, Charlotte Rose, Phil Stoney, Tony Catling, Rich Dawbarn, Matt Barnes
Phil Stoney and Adam Dudmish
Club XI 1996 : Back L-r : Phil Stoney, Mark King, Duncan Ferguson, John Suckling, Andy Dawbarn, Mike Griffiths, Terry Tofts, Steve Adams
Front : John Wright, Steve Rees, Brian Dawbarn, Adam Austin, Willie Leadbeater
President’s Day 1995
Fudge, John Wright & Shopper, Wickham Bishops 1999
Galleywood, 1999
Snapper at Mount, 1999
Duncan Ferguson at Hockley, 1999
Mike Griffiths at Wickham Bishops 1999
Mike Griffiths at Wickham Bishops, 1999
Brad Walker at Rawreth Lane
Brad Walker at Rawreth Lane, 1999
Richard Abley at Writtle 1999
Richard Abley at Writtle, 1999
The Nineties : Bath Tours
The box at Box
The box at Box
John Wright at Marshfield
John Wright at Marshfield
RCC Tour XI ’94 : Back Row l-r : John Wright, Andy Thurogood, Colin Sheehan, Mike Herlihy, Brad Walker, John Suckling.
Front : Simon Harwood, Matt Barnes, Willie Leadbeater, Andy James
Fudge at Box
Willie Leadbeater at the crease
Gary Bush at Marshfield
Pete Starling and Andy Dawbarn
Andy James, Willie Leadbeater, Mike Griffiths and Mike Rodwell at Box
Mike Rodwell – stylish batting
Shopper relaxes…
Fudge bowling at Hampset
Andy James
Steve Adams
Gary Bush
Brad Walker & Mike Rodwell celebrate
Murray Hall
The Nineties : Bramston/Witham Matches
Yes, we were rubbish then.
The animal game
Mark merchant attempts the stumps game…
The legendary Tony Catling debagging incident (don’t ask why!)…
Back L-R: Duncan Ferguson, Phil Stoney, John Suckling, Mark Merchant, Mike Rodwell, Simon Harwood. Front: John Wright, Matt Barnes, Tony Cating, Andy Thurogood, Andy James
Paul Dudmsih, John Wright, Tony Catling, Robbie & Phil Desborough from Bramston, Brad Walker
Andy Thurogood, Willie Leadbeater, Phil Wollf, Paul Dudmish (with early Dr Who haircut)
Matt Barnes, John Wright, Robbie Walker, Phil Wollf, Nigel Jones, Andy Thurogood, Brad Walker
Witham 1994
John Wright, Brad Walker, Tony Catling, Rich Dawbarn, Simon Harwood
Robbie Walker, Willie Leadbeater, Nigel Jones, unknown
Witham 1998
Ben & Jo James, Julie Thurogood
Geoff Robinson, Andy James, Tony Catling, Adam Austin, legs unknown…
The Nineties : Navestock
1994 : Christmas Fancy Dress
Rich Dawbarn , Andy Thurogood, Jo Simpson , Julie Thurogood, John Suckling, John Wright
John Wright & Julie Thurogood
RCC : Mickey Graham, Adam Austin, Nigel Jones, John Suckling, Charlotte Rose, Willie Leadbeater, unknown, Neil Crompton, John Wright, Simon Harwood