2019 Partnerships by wicket

Partnerships by wicket – as at 8th June 2019

1 93 Simon Lennox and D Baldwin Fifth XI Beaulieu Park II 04-May-19
2 118 A Impey and S Gosling Friendly 2nd Belhus 27-Apr-19
3 78 T Turner and J Cook Friendly 1st XI Little Baddow 20-Apr-19
3 78* A Impey and S Law Friendly 2nd Belhus 27-Apr-19
4 145 S Lynch and M Verrinder Second XI Brookweald 01-Jun-19
5 81 J Cook and D Frost First XI Great Baddow 08-Jun-19
6 69 R Verrinder and J Bumpus Sixth XI Great Waltham III 04-May-19
7 36 W Nolde and I Turnbull First XI Stock 04-May-19
8 53* P Wolff and M Callaway Sixth XI Great Waltham III 04-May-19
9 32 J Ellis and M Acraman Second XI Terling 04-May-19
10 56* S Verrinder and S Harmsworth Third XI South Weald II 01-Jun-19