Rayleigh u12 sweeps away opposition in first game

SEDCB 2010-2011 Indoor Youth Sixes U12 Group

vs. Thurrock [B]

Thurrock [B] 31 all out

Rayleigh 34-0

Rayleigh win by 6 wickets

Team: Conor S (capt.), Alexander D, Jordan J, Max J, James B, Matthew D.


After some problems getting a full team for the first Friday night fixture 6 players turned up at 8pm in Grays to take part in the u12 competition. My thanks to Lisa Dobson for persuading 2 late volunteers at a birthday party.

Conor S was appointed captain for October and he decided to bowl first if he won the toss. He did so we did. Thurrock only had 5 players but were an unknown quantity. Max J opened the bowling, bowled 5 dot balls and got a wicket to finish the over – a wicket maiden to start. 1-1 from 1 over (there was a bye).

Alexander D bowled the second over and was more expensive with some good hitting and running from Thurrock. 16-1 from 2 overs.

Max returned for his second over and first delivery was penalised a ‘no ball’ for hitting the tape that ran down the middle of the pitch. Bit harsh in my view but it may have helped Max pitch it up since he got an LBW with his next delivery and bowled the 4th bat in his last delivery of the over. 20-3 from 3 overs and things were looking good. Maz had figures of 2 overs – 2 runs – 1 maiden – 3 wickets. Not bad.

Alex was given a second over and forced the scorers to pay attention as the 5th batsman was out “hit wicket”. This meant the No. 2 bat remained, now playing with a runner, and it was 28-4 after 4 overs.

Conor brought himself on for the 5th over bowled 2 dot balls, a wide and then got the final wicket: 31 all out in 4.4 overs. A good display showing what accurate, full bowling can do. 3 bowled, 1 LBW and a hit wicket. Being critical there were a couple of misfields where players gave away a run but pretty good for the first game for a while.

After the break Max and Matthew opened the batting. The first three deliveries were dot balls and it looked like it may be a closer game than we thought. The next three balls went for 11 so maybe not. 12-0 after 1 over.

Max and Mat continued in the same vein running hard and looking assertive. With the score 30-0 after 2 overs the doubt was removed. The only question was whether we would lose a wicket.

We didn’t. The required runs were scored on the 4th ball of the 3rd over and we won by 6 wickets. Matt having scored 13 and Max 14.

The game was over so quickly it felt a bit anti-climatic to me. Having watched  Orsett score 133 in the game before ours I doubt things will be that easy in future so we must beware against complacency.  It has also given me a challenge: with greater availability next week do I change a winning team?

PS Please do not expect an over by over analysis every week. Unless one of the parents feels like being a reporter?