2018 Partnerships by team

Partnerships by team – as at 02June18 

First XI
1 72 A Impey and P Everitt v Rainham 26-May-18
2 62 B Francis and J Cook v Bentley 05-May-18
3 89 A Impey and W Nolde v Old Chelmsfordians 19-May-18
4 47 J Cook and W Nolde v Canvey Island 02-Jun-18
5 31 B Francis and J Ox v Rainham 26-May-18
6 41 I Turnbull and J Walker v Old Chelmsfordians 19-May-18
7 17* I Turnbull and W Wheeler v Old Chelmsfordians 19-May-18
8 55 W Wheeler and I Bryant v Rainham 26-May-18
9 6 I Bryant and R Abley v Rainham 26-May-18
10 2 W Wheeler and E Ward v Bentley 05-May-18
10 2 I Bryant and E Ward v Canvey Island 02-Jun-18
Second XI
1 47 T Turner and J Ellis v Great Waltham 19-May-18
2 62 T Turner and C Frost v Bentley II 12-May-18
3 14 D Frost and C Frost v Stock 26-May-18
4 56 D Frost and S Verrinder v Great Waltham 19-May-18
5 21 T Turner and K Castle v Bentley II 12-May-18
6 38 L Druce and C Frost v Hornchurch Ath. 02-Jun-18
7 43 L Druce and C Mayor v Hornchurch Ath. 02-Jun-18
8 40 C Mayor and R Nolde v Hornchurch Ath. 02-Jun-18
9 10 R Nolde and S du Plessis v Hornchurch Ath. 02-Jun-18
10 4 C Frost and T Nunn v Great Waltham 19-May-18
Third XI
1 50 M Verrinder and M Bailey v Rayne 19-May-18
2 32 S Adams and M Sanderson v Writtle II 12-May-18
3 93 M Bailey and M Sanderson v Stock II 26-May-18
4 7 M Bailey and A Sullivan v Rayne 19-May-18
5 22 M Law and A Jones v Hornchurch Athletic II 02-Jun-18
6 3 A Jones and D Hall v Hornchurch Athletic II 02-Jun-18
6 3 B Thirkettle and D Ox v Stock II 26-May-18
7 37 M Bailey and M Law v Rayne 19-May-18
8 10 B Thirkettle and M Law v Stock II 26-May-18
9 33 M Law and D Hall v Stock II 26-May-18
10 8 D Hall and N Green v Stock II 26-May-18
Fourth XI
1 66 B Walker and S Harwood v Boreham 05-May-18
2 31 B Walker and S Gosling v Boreham 05-May-18
3 76 S Adams and K Patel v Galleywood II 02-Jun-18
4 79 N Noble and P Wolff v Goresbrook III 19-May-18
5 31 N Noble and M Walker v Goresbrook III 19-May-18
6 23 P Wolff and J Chase v South Woodham Ferrers II 12-May-18
7 20 J Himpfen-Jones and R Holyoak v Woodham Mortimer II 26-May-18
8 7 R Holyoak and Mihir Patel v Woodham Mortimer II 26-May-18
9 19* R Holyoak and J Patel v Woodham Mortimer II 26-May-18
Fifth XI
1 98 Simon Lennox and A Brown v Canvey Island II 26-May-18
2 19 Simon Lennox and I King v E Hanningfield&Gt Burstead 05-May-18
3 178 Simon Lennox and J Wratten v Rankins II 19-May-18
4 26 S Rothon and O Davies v Rayne II 12-May-18
5 20 D Bond and S Levett v E Hanningfield&Gt Burstead 05-May-18
6 6 S Rothon and A Brown v Rayne II 12-May-18
6 6 S Rothon and R Holyoak v Springfield IV 02-Jun-18
6 6* S Levett and S Martin v E Hanningfield&Gt Burstead 05-May-18
7 12 R Holyoak and P Wolff v Springfield IV 02-Jun-18
8 13 S Lowe and S Martin v Rayne II 12-May-18
9 6 S Martin and C Mayfield v Rayne II 12-May-18
Sixth XI
1 28 I King and R Verrinder v Oaklands 26-May-18
2 58 R Verrinder and R Hart v Oaklands 26-May-18
3 5 J Andrews and K Paik v Broomfield II 05-May-18
4 52 R Hart and J Andrews v Oaklands 26-May-18
5 38 K Paik and P Cox v Broomfield II 05-May-18
6 13 P Cox and L Andrews v Great Waltham III 19-May-18
7 3 P Cox and S Fernando v Great Waltham III 19-May-18
9 11 S Fernando and J Athol v Great Waltham III 19-May-18
10 7 L Andrews and C Mantle v Broomfield II 05-May-18