Resolutions for 2016 AGM

Resolutions for the 2016 Annual General Meeting

Resolution 1 – Committee resolution
It is proposed that the selection policy for 2017 be adopted

Rayleigh CC Selection policy 2017

This policy sets out guidelines for the selection of adult tams in 2017. The guidelines should be followed by the selection committee whenever possible but it may be necessary to overrule them if very late drop outs occur, for example, on a Saturday morning.

As a first principle the rules of the leagues within which the club plays, and the rules of the club as a whole will be followed.

For the adult teams the team captains from each team or a suitable representative if the captain is unavailable shall form the selection committee. An independent Chairman of the selection committee shall be elected at The Club Annual General Meeting. 

The teams shall be selected primarily on the basis of ability, and the aim is to produce in each team a balance of abilities e.g. batting, pace bowling, spin bowling and a specialist wicket keeper. Thus ideally if an opening batsman is unavailable he should be replaced by on opening batsman from the next lower side. captains will normally stay with their team. Vice captains shall be treated as other players except in the absence of the captain.

Players dropped from a team should be contacted personally by the relegating captain with an explanation. Players must be aware that their selection for a particular team depends upon and is frequently governed by the availability of other players. For example, a player may appear to be ‘dropped’ after a good performance if a similar player previously from a higher team becomes available. Availability is not within the control of the selection committee and it can only work with what is available. Players returning from absence cannot assume that they will return to the team they last played for.

Prior to selection each team captain will check on the availability of his players and propose his selection to the committee. This will be discussed and the team selected by the committee as a whole. The captain shall advise all players of their selection as soon as possible after the selection meeting. The captain of the lowest team on each day shall also select a number of reserves. Should any player become unavailable after selection any movement of players should be discussed by the affected captain and the captain of the next lower team to agree a suitable replacement and the captain of the lowest team shall select a suitable player from the reserves. In normal circumstance, no player shall be moved more than one team up or down from their last appearance.

Players will be expected to play in the team where they are chosen. Exceptionally a player may request to play at home due to work / home commitments.  Similarly, a parent may ask to play in the same team as his son or daughter.  Such requests will be considered the committee but these requests will normally only allowed if the team requested is one team lower than the player would not play in.

All members of the selection committee should have an up to date DBS clearance.

Resolution 2 – Committee resolution

It is proposed that the subscription and match fees for 2017 below be adopted

Rayleigh Cricket Club: Subscriptions and match fees 2017

Membership subscriptions


Adult Member aged 23 to 64

£ 80

Adult Member aged 19 to 23

£ 60

Adult Member aged 65 and over

£ 40

Young Member aged 15 to 18 and those who are unemployed

£ 40

Women & Girls and Midweek Member

£ 40

Colt Member (Under 15)

£ 60

Colt Member (Under 9)

£ 25

Associate Member

£ 20

Clubhouse Member

£ 10

Life Member

£ 0


Ages shown above are as at 1st September in the preceding year.  All members in receipt of a membership form prior to 31st March shall pay the full subscription fee required at the beginning of each season. The above fees must be received, in full, by 31st March following the Annual General Meeting. Arrangements for reduced payment of subscription fees on grounds of hardship must be made with the Treasurer before the 31st March otherwise the higher fees of subscription will apply.  The Management Committee shall have the use of discretionary terms in certain circumstances. Anyone who plays occasionally shall pay a match fee of £20 for an adult or £10 for a student, unemployed or retired person.


Where an Adult Playing Member plays 2 or less games in a season, the player may request a reduction of 75% from the following season’s subscription, if they play 3 to 4 games they may request a reduction of 50%, if they play 5 to 6 games may request a reduction of 25%. This request shall be made in writing to the secretary after the season has finished and by the 31st October at the latest.


If payment is not received by 31st March, membership of the Club will be terminated under clause 4.4 of the Club Constitution, until payment is received as set out above and an additional £10 will be payable (except for Associate, Clubhouse and Life Members).


New members wishing to join the Club after 31st March, shall be charged a match fee and where applicable an appropriate subscription fee at the discretion of the Management Committee.


Adult, Young, Unemployed, Colt, Associate and Life membership will entitle the bearer to Clubhouse Membership for his/her immediate family at no additional cost provided their names are shown on the member’s application form. Members will further be entitled to sign in guests at no charge.


Adult, Young, Unemployed, Associate and Life membership shall entitle the bearer to voting rights at any General Meeting convened by the Club.


Adult, Young, Unemployed, Colt, Associate and Life membership shall entitle the bearer to free use of all nets and coaching arranged by the Club at Rawreth Lane.   


Match fees



Saturdays or Sundays (one game only on weekend)

Sundays (second game of weekend)

Players aged 23 to 64

£ 10

£ 6

Players aged 19 to 23

£ 8

£ 5

Players aged 65 and over

£ 5

£ 4

Players aged 15 to 18 and those who are unemployed

£ 5

£ 4

Colt player (Under 15)

£ 5

£ 4




Women & Girls and Midweek players

£ 3


Resolution 3

It is proposed that Brian Dawbarn be elected as a Life member of the Club.

Proposed – Richard Verrinder

Seconded – Matt Walker


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