Resolutions for 2013 AGM

Resolutions for the Annual General Meeting
proposing changes to subscriptions for 2014
Resolution 1
Membership fees for Colt Members (Under 9) to be amended as follows:
Colt Member (Under 9)                                                                                 £ 20.00
Ages shown are as at 1st September preceding the Annual General Meeting.
Resolution 2
All Adult and Student Playing Members shall pay the full subscription at the beginning of each season. 
Where an Adult or Student Playing Member plays 2 or less games in a season, the player may request a reduction of 75% from the following seasons subscription, if they play 3 to 4 games they may request a reduction of 50%, if they play 5 to 6 games may request a reduction of 25%. This request shall be made in writing to the secretary after the season has finished and by the 31st October at the latest.  
Reminder - the AGM will be held on Wednesday 27th November at 8pm.
Note: Adult, Student/Unemployed, Associate and Life membership are entitled to voting rights at any General Meeting convened by the Club. 
Male playing members will not be permitted to vote for officials in Women & Girls teams, Women & Girls playing members will not be permitted to vote for captains of Mens teams. Any female member wishing to play regularly in Mens or Colts cricket shall be regarded as an Adult or Colt playing member as appropriate. Colt playing members and Clubhouse members will not be entitled to vote at any General Meeting.
Richard Verrinder
RCC Hon. Secretary


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