Resolutions for 2012 AGM


Resolutions for the Annual General Meeting

proposing changes to subscriptions and match fees for 2013


Resolution 1

Subscriptions must be received, in full, by 31st March following the Annual General Meeting. All members of the Club in the previous year shall pay the subscription fee required. Arrangements for reduced payment of subscription fees on grounds of hardship must be made with the Treasurer before the end of February.

If payment is not received by 31st March, membership of the Club will be terminated under clause 4.4 of the Club Constitution.   Membership will be reinstated on receipt of payment of the appropriate full subscription.


Resolution 2

Membership fees to be amended as follows

Adult Playing Member £ 70.00

Colt Member (Under 15) £ 50.00

Student/Unemployed Member (over 15) £ 35.00

Women & Girls Member £ 35.00

Occasional Adult Playing Member playing 6 or less games in a season £ 20.00

Associate Member                                                                                         £ 20.00

Clubhouse Member                                                                                        £ 10.00

Life Member                                                                                                  £ 0.00

Ages shown above are as at 1st September preceding the Annual General Meeting.


Resolution 3

Match fees to be amended as follows:

Saturdays in full time employment                                                               £ 10.00

Saturdays not in full time employment                                                         £ 5.00

Sundays in full time employment (first game of weekend)                          £ 10.00

Sundays not in full time employment (first game of weekend)                   £ 5.00

Sundays in full time employment (second game of weekend)                     £ 6.00

Sundays not in full time employment (second game of weekend)               £ 3.00

Midweek league, Colts and Women & Girls matches                                  £ 3.00



Resolution 4

A charge to be made for use of indoor nets at Fitzwimarc school of £1 per session.

All other club coaching at Rawreth Lane to be provided free of charge.


Note:    The remaining clauses concerning membership to remain unchanged.

Adult, Student/Unemployed, Colt, Associate and Life membership will entitle the bearer to Clubhouse Membership for his/her immediate family at no additional cost. Members will further be entitled to sign in guests at no charge.

Adult, Student/Unemployed, Associate and Life membership shall entitle the bearer to voting rights at any General Meeting convened by the Club.

The Management Committee shall have the use of discretionary terms in certain circumstances.

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