Coaching policy

Coaching Philosophy

Rayleigh Cricket Club coaches aim to promote the amateur sport of cricket in the Rayleigh area by the provision of high quality of coaching for both colts and adults. Our coaches should aim to teach the skills of batting, bowling and fielding in a positive way that is enjoyable for the recipients of the coaching. They should be well prepared for each coaching session and have a clear view of what is intended to be achieved.  They should give the students opportunity to develop these skills in match situations and to learn how best to use the skills most effectively. They should also emphasize the importance of playing as a member of a team supporting the other players in their team, playing the game in the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ and understand that playing the game to the best of their ability is more important than winning at any cost.  The Club considers that all young people who want to play the game regardless of their initial ability should be given the opportunity to develop at the Club.                            


The Club believes that playing the game in this way will encourage them to continue to play cricket for many years to come.  It also considers that their experience at the Club will give young people confidence and is a good preparation for their future life as an adult.


Last updated: January 2017

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