Dropping off and collecting of Young People

It is important you let us know:
  • Contact numbers for Parents/Carers with any alternative numbers if you are not contactable on the numbers provided. If these change please let us know.
  • If you will be late in collecting your child/children and/or someone different will be collecting them, please let us know. The contact is Brian Dawbarn on 07985 096375.

Late Collection

If a Parent/Carer is late the Club will:

  1. Attempt to contact the Parent/Carer and/or any alternative contact name/number and wait with the Young Person at the Club with, wherever possible, other Staff/Volunteers or Parents.
  2. Remind Parents/Carers of the policy relating to late collection and if Parents/Carers cannot be contacted, the Club will report the situation to Social Services or the Police.


Parents should give written permission for their children to be taken to games by other parents and parents taking children to games should have comprehensive insurance.

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